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"Grow" - 2020

"Grow" - A new tv-series by The Avaz Brothers

At the moment i'm is working hard in the studio, scoring a new tv-series, which is set to premiere early 2020. It's a collaboration between Rocket Road Pictures, TV2 & SF Films.

"Kollision" - 2019

"KOLLISION" - 2nd movie by The Avaz Brothers

Starring; Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Cecilie Stenspil, Sebastian Jessen, Nicolas Bro, Tommy Kenter, Julie Christiansen and many more.


I scored the movie together with Grammy-winner Bent Fabricius-Bjerre.

"Terkel the motherfårking musical" - 2019

"Terkel the motherfårking musical" - A motherfårking masterpiece

Terkel, Jason, Fede Dorit, Steward Stardust, Saki and all the other unforgettable characters from Anders Matthesens popular animation movie "The trouble with Terkel" (2004) is becoming a musical! It's a collaboration between Clemens, Langkjær Entertainment and Live Nation. It premiered in Tivoli Gardens february 14th 2019 and has since then been on tour.

"Welcome Home" - 2018

"Welcome Home" - A short made for Childrens Cancer Foundation

Directed by Oscar-winner Laurits Munck-Petersen

"While We Live" - 2017

"While We Live" - Inspired by true events.

Inspired by true events, "While We Live (Mens Vi Lever)" follows four people in Northern Denmark and how their fates intertwine in a tragic accident.​

Directed by: Mehdi Avaz

Written by: Milad Avaz, Mehdi Avaz

Produced by: Misam Avaz, Milad Avaz, Sara Viktoria Pedersen​


Music by: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, Thomas Schulz​


Starring: Sebastian Jessen, Nicolas Bro, Julie Christiansen, Charlotte Munck and many more.

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